Teaching Materials for the California Gold Rush
Gold Nugget Books
Activities and Books to Enhance Teaching and Excite Learning
Marty DeJonghe and
Caroline Earhart, both
retired teachers, are the
co-authors of the
Learning Comes Alive
series of books.
Our team of two is highly qualified to create lessons that will bring a new choice to teachers
and success to students.  For over 30 years, we've been creative, innovative teachers in an
outstanding California school district.  We have published educational books for children,
designed software, and written teachers’ manuals.  We are dedicated to making teaching and
learning a better experience for students, teachers, and parents.  We are meticulous about
detail and about creating interesting materials appropriate for our students.  

Being involved with teaching since the 1970’s, we have seen educational systems come and
go.  The pendulum is about ready to swing again.  Our “Learning Comes Alive” program will
be ready to take on a new challenge to meet the needs of students, teachers, and parents—
in both traditional school and homeschooling environments.
Marty DeJonghe
Marty DeJonghe
Marty teaching a class
at Asilomar for a
California Mathematics
Council Conference
Marty DeJonghe and Caroline Earhart
About the Authors
Caroline at a
booksigning event at the
Orinda Bookstore