Teaching Materials for the California Gold Rush
Gold Nugget Books
Activities and Books to Enhance Teaching and Excite Learning
This activity book contains 38 two-page lessons.
Each lesson concentrates on a particular math
concept, a
ppropriate for 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders.

Math concepts include review of
addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
Some of the other concepts that are presented are
•        interpreting maps
•        working with calendars
•        reading and creating charts and graphs
•        using calculators
•        working with coordinate geometry
•        rounding large numbers
•        estimating
•        calculating averages
•        using decimals
•        calculating area and volume
•        using variables

All of the lessons require that the students make decisions using good problem
solving techniques.  Students are actively learning, as they connect Gold Rush
information with “real life” details in today’s world.

Students work together in learning the accurate Gold Rush facts and then using them
to research and solve
multi-step problems.  They will make decisions about issues
that have environmental consequences.  They will discover the fascinating lives of
real Gold Rush characters such as
James Marshall, Levi Strauss, and Biddy
.  And they will be practicing their grade-appropriate math skills at the same

Both teachers and students will save time because the two subjects are taught and
learned at the same time, whether in a traditional classroom or a homeschool setting.
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Discovering Math in the
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Gold Nuggets:  Discovering Math in
the California Gold Rush