Teaching Materials for the California Gold Rush
Gold Nugget Books
Activities and Books to Enhance Teaching and Excite Learning
Today, in our schools, great emphasis is placed on raising test scores.   Teachers feel obligated to “teach to the
”.  Most of the school day is spent focusing on the mandated subjects that will be covered in these standardized
tests.  Thus, many students are leaving school with little knowledge of social studies, science, and the arts.

Help teachers make better use of their instructional time.

Help students to connect their lives with what they are learning.

We have developed an innovative system that directly connects the mandated standards with social studies.  While an
instructor is teaching
reading, language arts, or math she will also be covering an exciting unit about the Gold
.  All the lessons we have developed keep in mind the skills and level of knowledge and interests of the students.

We have developed lessons that teachers can quickly pull out for students to
practice specific standards based
concepts of reading, language arts, or math
. These lessons are NOT “common drill” and are focused on exciting,
interesting, and factually correct information about the California Gold Rush.  These lessons will be divided into four
workbooks: Reading, Language Arts, Math, and Projects;
the Math activity book is available now!  Along with each
book are instructions and suggestions on how to vary the lessons to meet individual needs.  The lessons are aimed at
connecting several subjects at a time as well as connecting the students’ interests with needed academic practice.

We have found that these books are also ideal for
A Big Problem...
Our Solution...
Why do I
need this book anyway??

Or, the importance of integrating subjects
within the classroom...
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